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Adjustable Backdrop Stand

Adjustable Backdrop Stand

Rs. 2,949.00 Rs. 7,043.00

This is a heavy-duty metallic stand for installing flex and vinyl backdrops. It can be used in the minimum size configuration of 4ft x 4ft and maximum size configuration of 8ft x 8ft and any size in between. 

It can be easily collapsed and packed in a carry bag provided free with the product. This makes it portable and useful in multiple locations. For new promotional campaigns, the old material can be removed and new designs can be installed within minutes. 

This is also a perfect solution for events, exhibitions, road-shows, etc. where installation and removal has to be done quickly and temporarily. 

Colour - Black

Material - Iron

Coating - Paint

Minimum Configurable Size - 4 feet across and 4 feet high

Maximum Configurable Size - 8 feet across and 8 feet high

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