Gazebo Tent - Plain (Without Print)

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Rs. 5,999.00
Price Includes GST and Shipping

Product Description - Portable Gazebo Tent

Gazebo Tents, also called Conical Canopy or Gazebo Demo Tents are available in 2 sizes - 2x2 Meters & 3x3 Meters. There is no printing on this product. 

Portable Gazebos are easy to set up and carry for promotional activities. The Gazebo Tent can be packed into a carry bag and is completely portable. They provide protection against sun and rain for outdoor marketing campaigns.  When required, portable gazebos can be reinstalled again within minutes for next use. These are extremely low maintenance, easy to install, water proof and durable.

The Gazebo includes a high quality tent, a frame and a bag. 

The Gazebo tent is made of Tetron fabric which is waterproof. The frame is made of iron with heavy duty textured paint to prevent rusting.

The package weight for the whole Portable Gazebo Tent with box for this item is 18 Kg for 3x3m and 13 Kg for 2x2m. 

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Price is inclusive of GST. Shipping is Free across India.

The Portable Gazebo is dispatched in 24-48 hours via surface transport. 


More Details About This Product

Gazebos are a great way to setup a sheltered area for campaigns, activities, activations, stalls, etc. in a matter of minutes. These are also very stable and the tent material is completely water proof. To protect the metallic frame of the Gazebo tent, it is coated with a thick layer of textured paint which grants it protection as well as a great finish. The colour of the frame is in pastel shades and can vary depending on the size of the Gazebo Tent ordered. 

By default the Portable Gazebo Tent is available in Red, Blue, Green & White colour. However, in case of a bulk order for more than 20 pieces, we can arrange to have the Gazebo processed in a different colour. 

Once the frame of the Gazebo Tent is collapsed and the tent folded up, it is only about 5 feet in length and 8x8 inches in cross section. This makes it easily portable. 

To ensure long life of the Portable Gazebo, it is highly recommended that the frame should never be put into the waterproof carry bag unless it is completely dried. This will trap the moisture and cause the frame to rust quickly. If the frame is always dry, its life is prolonged significantly. The tetron tent is completely waterproof, however, it is recommended to dry this too while packing in order to prevent white saline marks from appearing. 

Our portable Gazebo tent also has attachments at the bottom of all legs to enable you to bolt it down on the floor permanently. This is recommended for applications where the Gazebo is to be used for a long term and the wind resistance is very high. 

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