Backlit Flex Banner - Premium Star Media

Rs. 1,062.00
Price Includes GST and Shipping

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Rs. 1,062.00
Price Includes GST and Shipping

Product Description - Backlit Flex Banner

Backlit flex banners are designed for high light transmittance. These are typically installed in backlit sign boards, i.e, where the light source is behind the banner. If you need regular flex, you can order here.

This backlit flex banner includes high quality digital printing.

We only provide the printed flex. This item does not include the backlit sign board required for rear lighting of the flex. 

In case you want to buy the complete board with lighting, you can get it here

To ensure that the backlit flex fits on your backlit sign board, please choose the dimensions from the options above. The price will adjust automatically when you change dimensions. Based on the depth of you backlit flex board, you might want to order a slightly bigger size than required so that you ensure that the backlit flex will fit onto the sign board. 

Price is inclusive of GST. Shipping is Free across India.

The backlit flex is dispatched in 2-4 working days via surface courier.


More Details About This Product

There are various types of flex used for printing. These include regular flex, black back flex, star flex, backlit flex etc. The difference is that while the other flex is opaque, the backlit flex has a certain transparency which allows light to be transmitted from the backlit flex board. The material of the backlit flex is also thicker to allow for tight fixing on the backlit sign board. The source of light for the backlit sign board can be the conventional CFL or modular LED, the backlit flex will work for both. In case you print is dark in colour then higher intensity light is required for the backlit sign board. Also, in order to ensure that transparency is maintained, the backlit flex must be installed with proper seal around the edges of the backlit sign board. Since loose fitting can lead to dust accumulating inside the backlit flex board and reducing the brightness of the sign.

Please note, that the product we are selling here is only the backlit flex. The backlit flex board or lighting is not included with the flex. 

In case you want the complete board with lighting, you can buy it here.



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