Stepwise Instructions for Setting Up Mudraka Outdoor Standee

How To Setup An Outdoor Standee or Wind Resistant Standee

Our exclusive Outdoor Wind Resistant Standees are an upgrade over the regular standee in cases where the standee is meant primarily for outdoor use. It is also called as a Door Frame Standee or Super Gate Standee. We have these in 2 varieties - the lighter Regular Outdoor Standee and the heavier Premium Wind Resistant Standee. Installation for both is very similar. 

This standee is built with its weight concentrated in the base and a light frame. The banner is setup us such that it allows wind to pass around it rather than resisting it and is supported by springs that do not transmit the resistance from the banner to the frame, enabling the standee to stay upright during sudden gusts of wind. It also does not have any moving parts such as the spring roller in regular standees. This prolongs the standee's life in the outdoors. 
Setting up the wind resistant standee can be done in a matter of minutes. Its an easy job to do and only one person is required. However, for the first time user, the use of different parts can be a bit confusing. Follow our illustrated step wise instructions to get this done in a matter of minutes!

1. Make sure you have all of the parts as shown in the image below - 

Different Parts of the Mudraka Outdoor Standee

The parts are as below - 

Part A - Metallic base of the Outdoor Standee

Part B - Pair of pipes that attach to the base along with plastic hook caps. These pipes are the longest in the set of 5 and one end of each is narrower than the other end. There are just 2 such pipes

Part C - Set of connecting parts for Outdoor Standee assembly. These are explained further in the next image. 

Part D - Pair of pipes that make up the top half of the standee frame. These have both ends in the same size unlike the other pair of pipes (Part B). The third and shortest pipe is to be used in the top horizontal part of the frame. 

Part E - This is the Banner which can be a Solvent Flex Banner or Eco Solvent Star Flex Banner or an HD Print Premium Media Banner depending on the product you order. This has 4 eyelets in the 4 corner to attach it to the frame of the Wind Resistant Standee. 


Different Pieces of the Part C collection are shown below - 

Different Parts required for assembling the Wind Resistant Standee

The Springs are used for attaching the banner to the frame of the standee. The Base Hooks are attached to the Part B pipes before they are inserted into the base. The Top Corner hooks are used on the top two corners of the frame for attaching the pipes and then hanging the banner on the hooks. 


2. Once you have verified that you have all of the required parts, start by setting down the Metallic Base of the Standee (Part A) on the ground. Now open the 4 legs on the 2 ends of the base as shown in the image. Once all the legs are open, the base will look like an I section. 

How To Setup The Outdoor Standee -


3. Once the base is setup, you need to insert the base hooks into the 2 Part B pipes. Remember, these 2 pipes are the ones that have different cross-section size on both ends of the pipes. One is narrow and the other is wider. The base hooks are to be capped on the wider sides of each pipe. Once done, they will look like the right half of the image below. 

The Wind Resistant Standee on


4. Now take each of the pipes and insert the end with the hook cap on it into the edge of the metallic base. Repeat the same thing on the other side of the base with the other pipe. Once done, the 2 pipes will be self supported vertically from the 2 ends of the metallic base. Now tighten the 2 screws at each end of the base so that the rods cannot come out of the base. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE SCREWS OR THE PLASTIC HOOK CAPS OVER THE PIPES WILL BREAK. 

Outdoor standee setup on


5. Now from the remaining 3 pipes, take the pair of pipes that are similar in length. These 2 will be longer than the 3rd remaining pipe. Take each of these pipes and insert them over the pipes already inserted into the base. This will effectively make the total height of the pipe frame 6 feet tall. 

Outdoor standee, wind resistant standee, stable standee, door frame standee.


 6. Now take the 2 Top Corner Hooks from the Part C collection and insert each one into the top of the 2 pipes. Ensure that they are bent towards each other's direction.  

How to setup the outdoor wind resistant standee - illustrated steps on Mudraka


7. The last remaining pipe which was the shortest of the 5 will now make the top edge of the standee frame. Take the pipe and insert its end over the plastic top corner hook. Repeat the same on the other end. Make sure you do not move the pipes inserted into the base too much towards any side since this can bend them permanently. Once this is done, the Outdoor Standee's frame is ready. 

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8. Next step is to take two of the springs and hang them on the corner hooks. Make sure you leave the longer arm of the spring dangling and use the short round hook of the spring to engage it with the frame. Check the image to be sure. 

Outdoor Wind Resistant Standee Exclusively on


9. The last step is the take the Banner (Part E) and install it onto the frame. We will start by putting the top springs through the eyelets in the banner followed by the bottom springs. Once the banner is hanging from the top springs then it will be hooked to the bottom springs. While doing this, make sure that you pull the SPRINGS towards the banner and do not try to pull the banner towards the springs since this can lead to tearing of the banner. 

How To Setup Standee - Step wise instructions with images


10. Once the banner is hooked, make sure all springs share equal tension. If not, adjust them by pulling lightly on the springs that are too tight. That's it. Your standee is ready!

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That's it! The standee is ready for display now. To take it apart, just follow the same steps in reverse order. Next time you can be done with the installation in seconds! Come back to our blogs for more helpful articles regarding our products. You can order this product here


You can watch this in a video below:


Team Mudraka

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