How To Setup An Adjustable Banner Stand (Backdrop)

How To Setup An Adjustable Banner Stand (Backdrop)

Setting up an adjustable banner/backdrop stand can be a little complicated, but once setup, it provides an extremely stable display that is resistant to wind and can go as big as 8x8 feet.  

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If you are setting up a banner stand for the first time, please follow the steps exactly as listed below and shown in the figures. It is also recommended that you find one other person to help you and make this easier and prevent damaging the stand. Once you have the hang of it, you can install and dismantle the stand by yourself. 

This post only guides you on how to setup the stand. For installing the flex on the stand, please read "How To Install Flex Banner on an Adjustable Banner Stand".


Step 1 - Remove all the items from the bag and put them on a smooth surface. There should be enough space to setup the stand in the size you need. It can get as big as 8 feet high and 8 feet wide. You will find 4 support rods, 2 base feet and 6 screws in the bag. 

Adjustable banner stand support rods


Step 2 - Place the base feet of the stand also on a smooth surface. 

Adjustable backdrop stand base feet


Step 3 - There are 2 different types of rods. There are 2 pieces of the Type A rods which have flat ends and 2 pieces of Type B rod which have curved ends. Please recognise each type of rod in the image and use each correctly in the subsequent steps.

4 rods of 2 different types for the frame of the adjustable banner stand


Step 4 - There are also 2 different types of screws. There are 2 pieces of the Type 1 screw which are smaller and do not have a handle; and there are 4 pieces of the Type 2 screws which are larger and come with knobs to turn them by hand. 

2 types of screws for the adjustable banner stand


Step 5 - Take 1 piece of the Type A rod and hold it from the end which has a hole in it but no plastic turning screws. 

Use Type A rod as first step to setup adjustable stand


Step 6 - Put down 1 base foot of the stand on the floor and align this rod vertically with the hole on top of the foot. Now insert the end with the hole into the foot.

Insert rod in the foot base of the adjustable stand


Step 7 - There is an indentation at the bottom of the foot. Make sure this aligns perfectly with the end of the rod as you push it into the foot. 

Insert rod in foot of adjustable banner stand


Step 8 - Now, while holding the foot of the stand and the inserted rod, tilt the combination by 90 degrees so that it is laying flat on the floor with the rod in horizontal position. This way the bottom of the foot is exposed. Insert the Type 1 screw from the bottom and tighten it into the rod which has threads inside it. 

 Fix screw to join the support rod and foot of the adjustable backdrop stand


Step 9 - Tighten the screw using a flat head screw driver so that the rod and the base foot become one rigid entity. Do not over tighten the screw once the rod is firmly attached to the foot. 

Tighten screw till the support rod and foot are one rigid entity


Step 10 - Put the foot base upright on the floor with the support rod in the vertical position. 

Side one of the flex banner stand


Step 11 - Now repeat steps 5 to 10 with the second piece of Type A rod and the second foot base of the stand. You should have 2 sets of rods fixed to the foot now. Put them both upright on the floor. 

2 edge frames of the flex adjustable stand


Step 12 - For both of the units on the floor, you can now adjust the height by unscrewing the clamps on the top of the rods. 

Unscrew clamps on support rods to change heigh of banner stand 

Step 13 - You can pull the rod out to increase the height of the stand and push it in to decrease the height of the stand. Height can vary from 4 feet to 8 feet. Once you are done, tighten the plastic clamping screw again. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE SCREW SINCE THEY WILL BREAK. Just tighten them enough to arrest the movement of the rod. 

Adjust the length of the rod buy unscrewing the clamp


Step 14 - Now leave the Type A rod attached to the foot base vertical on the floor. Take a Type B rod and align it to the hole on top of the Type A rod such that the two are perpendicular to each other. In this orientation, the Type B rod will be in horizontal position. 

Align vertical support rod with the horizontal rod


Step 15 - Take a Type 2 screw and insert it into the hole on top of the Type A rod. Once it goes through the Type A rod, align it with the hole in the curved end of the Type B rod. It has threads inside. 

Insert screw into the 2 support rods of adjustable stand


Step 16 - Tighten the screw into the Type B rod with your hand. No need to use a screwdriver. Do not over tighten the screw. While supporting the rod in the horizontal position, repeat the same steps at the other end of this rod using the second combination of the foot and vertical support rod assembled in Step 11. DO NOT LET THE HORIZONTAL ROD FALL AS THAT WILL BREAK THE SCREW AT ONE END. It must stay horizontal. 

Tighten the Type 2 screw into the Type B rod


Step 17 - Repeat steps 14 to 16 with the second piece of Type B rod. Attach this to the bottom part of the Type A rods which also has a hole. 

 Connect second horizontal rod to bottom of vertical rod


Step 18 - Insert the screw through the bottom of the Type A rod and into the end of the Type B rod. 

Insert the Type 2 screw through the 2 support rods


Step 19 - Tighten the screw till the two rods are rigidly attached together. Now repeat the process on the other end of this Type B rod. Do not let go of the rod till it is supported at the other end also by the Type A rod and base foot. 

Tighten bottom screw on support rods of adjustable flex banner stand


Step 20 - The frame of the banner/backdrop stand is ready. You can now install the Flex Banner on this. 

Completely assembled Adjustable Backdrop/Banner Stand for Flex


Your stand is now ready for the Flex installation. 

You can follow the steps in reverse order to break down the stand into its parts and pack it back inside its bag. 

You can purchase the product here.

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