Step By Step Instructions To Setup the Portable Conical Gazebo Tent

How To Setup A Portable Gazebo

Our Portable Gazebos are large sized Conical Demo Tents upto the size of 10x10 feet. These are completely portable and can be packed up and reset in new locations within a matter of a few minutes. Unlike the Portable Canopy, these Gazebo's only need to be unfolded. All the different sides of the frame are already connected to each other and there are no loose parts like the frame of a Canopy. After unfolding, the tent needs to be installed on the frame. This makes the setup much quicker than a Canopy. However, Gazebo Tents are much larger in size which is why it is not possible to set them up for one person alone. A minimum of 2 people are required for a safe and proper installation. 

Follow the illustrated steps below to understand how to setup this product. 

1. The Gazebo has the parts as shown in the image below. 

Part A - This is the carry bag

Part B - This is the main frame of the Gazebo. 

Part C - This is the Tension Rod for the Gazebo Tent

Part D - This is the Tent of the Gazebo which is available in different colours. 

Parts of a Portable Gazebo Tent


2. To start with, take the Part B - Frame of the Gazebo Tent and set it down on the ground on its legs. The different pieces of the Frame are already connected. This only needs to be unfolded. 

Texture painted heavy duty frame MS frame of Portable Gazebo Tent


3. Please note, this step should not be attempted alone to prevent injury and avoid damage to the Gazebo. At least 2 people are required to unfold the frame. Two opposite legs of the frame must be held by 2 people and pulled slowly in opposite direction. The frame will start to unfold. 

How to Setup the Gazebo Demo Tent


4. After pulling at the frame for half a foot, each person should switch and move to the next leg of the frame. This way each leg of the frame is pulled alternately. You must ensure that the legs being pulled are opposite to each other. Slowly the frame will continue to unfold. 

How to Setup Up the Conical Demo Tent


5. Once the frame is open half way, take the Part C - Tension Rod for the Tent and insert it into the hollow pipe in the centre of the frame as shown in the image. You will notice the pipe is loose and bounces when inserted. This is normal. It is supposed to be able to slide inside the frame and rests on a spring. Continue to unfold the frame till it is almost completely open. Do not engage the catch locks yet. 

How to Setup Portable Gazebo illustrated step wise instructions


6. Now unfold the tent and drape it over the partially opened frame. The tent will be loose over the frame. Just ensure that the placement of the centre part of the Tent is right over the Tension Rod and the corners are correctly positioned on the corners of the frame. Once the frame is fully open and locked, the Tent will become tight and cannot be shifted. 

Portable Gazebo with waterproof Tetron Tent


7. Now once person needs to go under the tent and depress the Tension Rod for the tent into the frame against the force of the spring. This can be done by using your body weight and pulling down on the rod. While the first person does this, the second person needs to go to each of the 4 legs of the frame and engage the catcher into the locks and make the entire frame taut. 

Instructions for Setting up Demo Tent with images


8. To engage each of the locks, the catcher needs to be pushed up while holding down the leg of the frame so that the lock gets engaged with the catcher. When you fold back the Gazebo, you will need to release the locks by pressing down on the clamp as shown on the right side of the image below and sliding the catcher away from the lock.

Gazebo with waterproof tent and powder coated MS frame order online


9. Once all 4 locks are engaged on each corner of the frame, the person holding down the Tension Rod can let it go lightly. Do not let go of the rod with a sudden jerk, since this can damage the tent. When the Tension Rod is release, the Tetron Tent will become taut and smoothen out. There is provision to attach velcro straps from the tent to the frame all around it. Do this next. 

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10. Once the tent is securely attached to the frame, 2 people can lift opposite legs of the frame and reposition it anywhere. In case the installation is long term or permanent, the legs can be firmly fixed to the ground by bolting them down. Provision is there in each leg to enable it to be held by bolts. Please note these bolts are not provided with the Gazebo. 

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That's it! The Portable Gazebo Tent is ready for use now. To collapse it back, just follow the same steps in reverse order. Come back to our blogs for more helpful articles regarding our products.

You can order this product here. Prices are all inclusive and we deliver anywhere in India. 

You can also watch the video below:


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