Step wise process for setting up an iron frame demo tent canopy with images

How To Set Up A Plain or Printed Canopy / Demo Tent

Canopies are the most common tools for outdoor campaigns, activations, product launches, stall setups, etc. Also known as a Demo Tent, these come in 2 varieties - Plain Tetron or with Custom Printed Flex. Read step by step process here along with illustrations to see how you can set this up within 10 minutes. The same process is applicable to both 6x6x7 foot size and 4x4x7 foot size. For this blog, we have shown a 4x4x7 foot size. At least 2 people are required for this job to ensure the item is not damaged. Follow the below mentioned steps to get it done.

1. Make sure you have all the required parts as visible in the image below. 

Parts of a canopy or demo tent


2. To start with, unpack the pipe frame set that comes with the canopy. You will see that there are 2 types of connected rods in the set as shown below. One type has 3 connected rods which is Type A - Vertical. The second type has 2 connected rods with an L type socket at the end. This is the Type B - Horizontal Frame Rod. In case of a 6x6x7 foot canopy, the Type B rod also has 3 pieces of connected pipes. 

Unpacking the frame of a canopy or demo tent


3. For each of the pipes sets (Type A and Type B), connect the rods by inserting them into each other. Once this is done, you will have 4 pieces of the Type A pipes and 8 pieces of the Type B pipes. Type A is used as the vertical pillar on the 4 corners of the canopy while Type B is used to create the 4 sided top and bottom frames (horizontal part).

Different types of frame rods of a Canopy of Demo Tent


4. Now we will assemble the top and bottom 4 sided frames of the canopy. Take 4 pieces of the Type B pipe sets and lay them out as shown in the image. The socket of each set should face the non-socket side of the next set. 

Top and bottom horizontal frame of canopy stall


5. Now insert the non-socket end  of each pipe set into the socket of the adjacent set as shown in the image below. Do this for all of the 4 corners.

How to assemble the frame of custom printed Canopy


6. Once all the pipes are inserted into the respective sockets in each of the 4 corners, you will have a complete 4 sided frame as shown in the image. There is still an empty slot in each of the sockets. This is meant for inserting the vertical rods in further steps.

How to connect the frame of a plain Canopy 4x4x7 feet


7. After the frame is ready in the above step, you will still have 4 pieces of the Type B sets remaining. Use these 4 to create another 4 sided frame by repeating steps 4 to 6. Once frame is for the bottom and one is for the top of the canopy.

Stepwise instructions for setting up tetron canopy stall


8. Now take the 4 sided frame we assembled in step 6 and insert the 4 pieces of Type A pipes into the empty slots of the sockets in the 4 corners. Be careful to handle the vertical Type A pipes delicately, since they are not supported from the top and if they are pushed in any dircetion, they will damage the sockets they are inserted into. 

Setting up a demo tent with iron frame


9. Now take the second 4 sided frame we made (step 7) and insert it onto the Type A vertical pipes from the top. Each of the sockets in the 4 corners must engage with the pipes below. Once this is done, the vertical pipes will stop moving and the frame will become more rigid. There will still be some flexibility, however, once the tent is tied to the frame it will stop moving. 

Installation of 4x4x7 or 6x6x7 foot canopy or demo tent


10. Now take the Top Banner or Tent (bigger piece) and drop it over the top of the assembled frame after unfolding it. It should look like it does in the image below. The backdrop will come till the ground and might move about till secured. However, the top should be fitted so that is aligned with the four top corners of the frame.

Installation of tent on the frame of canopy stall


11. On the sides and bottom of the backdrop, there are velcro straps. Secure each of these onto the pipe frame. Make sure it is as tight as possible as shown in the image. Also, do not miss any of the velcro straps since these keep the final Canopy rigid and smooth.

Setting up the tent on the frame of a demo tent canopy


12. Once the top banner is secured, take the rolled up bottom banner and start with securing its edge to the side of the backdrop. Once an edge is secured, start unrolling it and wrap it around the canopy frame till you reach the backdrop again at the other edge of the banner. Again secure this edge with the provided velcro. Ensure that you keep the banner tightly pulled till all straps are engaged. 

Illustrated steps for complete setup of canopy stall or demo tent


Thats it! Your canopy is ready to be used. Follow the steps in reverse order to packup your portable Canopy and be on your way within minutes!! Keep coming back to our blog for more articles on similar products.

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