How Can Mudraka Help You

How Can Mudraka Help You

We aspire to not only fulfill your needs but also try to ensure the whole process of buying on Mudraka goes through smoothly and puts a smile on your face. Go through the common pointers here to avoid confusion, know what to expect at each stage and ensure a smooth and quick service experience from Mudraka!


We offer a variety of products and keep adding new ones regularly. Sometimes, we also discontinue products that don't have a good feedback from our customers, or that are not in demand anymore. In case you have a special need, you can always write to us through our Custom Requirement page and we will get back to you with an update on what we can do. Please note, that for special customisation, we usually require a bulk order. For single piece customisations, the charges might be much higher. 

For our standard products, you can browse the Top Menu bar on the Home Page with the 'Products' drop down or through the Products list on the top left corner of any page on the website. 

Once you enter a product page, you will see the different varieties we offer for the product. You need to click on each item before you can read about it or see the pricing as per any size (which you can choose on the top-right-hand side of the product page). 



We offer extremely competitive pricing for our products compared to the average market rates. Whenever, you want to compare the pricing for any products, make sure to first choose the exact size you need and then compare the pricing. This is because the smaller items (which include wastage) are usually marked higher as compared to the larger, more common sizes. 



We offer very high quality products for the prices we charge. Our focus is more on the product being perfectly functional rather than the aesthetic look of the product. These are commercial products where the print and durability is most important. And that is where our entire focus is. As a result, you will not find some of the fancier products yet on our website such as 'Chrome Standees'. We will launch these as and when we can enable good prices along with high quality for these products. For different types of qualities of Flex, Vinyl, Printing, etc. we offer, you can read our blog articles that explain the difference. 



 Our site is very simple to navigate and works exactly like any other ecommerce website you might have visited. You need to choose the variety of the product you need from the product page followed by the choice of size or colour. You can then click 'Add to Cart' and then 'Proceed to Checkout' by providing all the required details such as your email ID, address, phone number, etc. Please double check all your shipping information thoroughly since these are heavy, large sized products which are very expensive to ship. Wrong or incomplete addresses can cause unnecessary delays and charges.



We offer free designing with our products. This only includes designing the product as per your content. This does not include any Branding work. For example, if you have a construction company and you have purchased a standee, we can take your logo image, services provided, email ID, contact number and address and create a design for the standee appropriate for a construction company. However, it is beyond our limitations to design your logo, or create your tag lines or any graphic images required in your products. Our designers have technical expertise to put together elements in a template appropriate for a business type. However, they are unable to do any sort of creative designing for a brand from scratch. In case we offer these services in the future, we would be glad to help you out. 



We offer free shipping for all our products. However, the actual shipping costs are very high since our product have large volumetric dimension and are heavy. In order to make the prices of our products economical, we only use surface transport which moves the items by road or rail. This requires at least 2 days of travel time and sometimes goes as high as 1 week for remote locations. However, we offer the commitment of shipping your item from our end within 1-3 business days. Sometimes, we even ship out items the same day depending on the type of order and our pending queue!!



In case you want your order refunded, you can write to us on However, if more than 1 design drafts have already been shared with you then a fee of Rs. 400 is deducted from your order value. In case your order has already been dispatched or added to the print queue post your approval, then a refund is not possible. In case of defective or damaged order received, we will either reprocess your order or refund your order based on the type of issue you are facing. 



We go to a lot of pain to package your product well before dispatching it. However, surface transport mode involves the movement of heavy articles by the carrier and once in a blue moon you might receive a damaged item. In such a case, if the damage is apparent, please refuse to accept the item. In case the damage is seen after unpacking the item, you can share images with us on and we will provide a speedy resolution. Our products are defect free in most cases since they are checked at 3 stages during the order execution process. However, if you still face a problem, feel free to contact us and we will make sure the problem is resolved. 



We are available on call for general queries whenever you require us. However, for designing assistance, we need you to mail us your content and requirements, since the designing process is executed in a 'First Come First Serve' queue and we need to have a hard copy of your inputs in our mail so that the designers can follow your instructions precisely without making mistakes. It is not possible to coordinate for the designing process over a call. This is meant to conserve your time and effort as well as ours and to provide a speedy response to all our customers. Whenever you mail us, kindly ensure you mention your Order ID in the subject line to avoid confusion. 



In case you are not happy with our service and need to escalate an issue, you may write to so that the senior management can intervene. We would hope that the need for this never arises!


We thank you for choosing and shall sincerely work towards ensuring you have a happy experience. 






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