Printing file or design

Printing file or design

In order to ensure good quality print, the printing file needs to be of good quality to avoid pixelation. Here are some tips for a good file:-

  1. For indoor prints or for prints which are seen up close, the printing file needs to be of good quality
  2. The file resolution needs to be atleast 150 DPI for a good print. 
  3. The printing is done in CMYK format - therefore all files are converted into CMYK before printing
  4. Leave 1 inch margin on each side in your printing file as printing margin. For eg if you order a banner which is 10 ft X 10 Ft, the file should be 119 inches X119 inches. For a 2 ft X 2 ft banner, create a file which is 23 inches X 35 inches. 
  5. To check if the file is of good quality, zoom in to the size of actual print and check for pixelation.

Remember, if you need any design assistance, we offer it for free!


Team Mudraka

required 2 stand board and banner printing up to 900 stt and advertage tent 4×4×7 , 1 no

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